Home & Living in style

DATE : 03 – 09 May 2023 



We are pleased to announce that Home & Living in Style 2023, the event that showcased the latest trends in home decoration, appliances, kitchen utensils, and furniture, has successfully concluded. The event combined a range of products that made lifestyle flexible and comfortable for our valued customers.


At the event, we showcased the IN NET Privacy Type Mosquito Net, a revolutionary product designed to provide enhanced privacy while keeping insects at bay. The mosquito net had a unique gap-free design that prevented insects from entering. Its innovative polyester fiber coated with stainless steel gave the net a sleek silver color that made it difficult to see from the outside. Additionally, the net’s interior was black, which offered clear visibility of the outside while keeping mosquitoes and insects away. This unique product was the first of its kind in Thailand, and it was exclusively available at Nissho Asia (Thailand) Co., Ltd.


During the Home and Living in Style event organized by Siam Business Supply Co., Ltd., we focused on providing easy access to our customers in every area. We teamed up with leading real estate companies to showcase their house and condo projects. We also offered appliances and home decorations with expert advice and special promotions exclusively available at the event in leading department stores. Our products and services offered customers the chance to elevate their lifestyle without having to travel far from familiar places.


At Nissho Asia Thailand Company Limited, we remain committed to bringing innovative products with sincere services that enhance our customers’ lifestyle and convenience. We strive to meet the needs of our Thai customers with exceptional products and services.


We are grateful for the support and patronage of our customers at the Home & Living in Style 2023 event. It was a pleasure to have you with us, and we look forward to seeing you again at future events.



Meet us at Home & Living in style
On 3 – 9 May 2023
at 10.30 AM. – 09.30 PM. (Mon. – Fri) , 10.00 AM. – 10.00 PM. (Sat – Sun)
At Future Park



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