Home & Living in style 

DATE : 29 June – 05 July 2023 



Once again, For the Home and Living in Style event, organized by Siam Business Supplies Limited. We prioritize accessibility and convenience for customers in every area. This time, we are bringing together a diverse range of housing projects and condominiums from top real estate companies, along with home appliances and decorations that come with excellent recommendations and special promotions available at each leading shopping mall. The excitement is heading to Central Rama 2, catering to the residents of southern Bangkok.


As part of this event, Nissho Asia (Thailand) is proud to introduce innovative products imported from Japan. We are thrilled to present a special type of blinds made from Pravesey fibers and coated with stainless steel, giving them a sleek silver appearance. When exposed to light, these blinds provide privacy from the outside, while the black color on the inside enhances the overall ambiance. This groundbreaking product is the first of its kind in Thailand.


Additionally, these blinds feature a dense structure, leaving no gaps and effectively keeping insects out. Our dedicated service aims to provide a comfortable and convenient lifestyle experience that meets the needs of our valued customers in Thailand.


Our team of experts is prepared to leverage their knowledge and expertise to offer recommendations and services using IN NET. This allows you to customize and personalize your home, achieving an optimal balance between privacy and style that perfectly suits your preferences.


Meet us at Home & Living in style
on 29 June – 05 July 2023 
at 10.30 AM. – 09.30 PM. (Mon. – Fri) , 10.00 AM. – 10.00 PM. (Sat – Sun)
At Central Rama II


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