DATE : 18 – 26 March 2023


When it comes to home magazines featuring garden decor and various indispensable plants, “Baanlaesuan Magazine” by Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Company Limited is a must-have for home enthusiasts. With its long-standing popularity, Amarin Printing and Publishing Public Company Limited decided to expand its channel to facilitate more readers by organizing the “Baanlaesuan Fair.” This event allows entrepreneurs to meet buyers directly, and buyers will be able to select a variety of  products and services for houses and gardens at the same place.


This year, Nissho Asia Co., Ltd., a subsidiary of Nissho Co., Ltd., was launched for the first time in Thailand. The aim is to introduce “Mosquito Net Roll” products that will help meet the need for preventing insects firmly because Nissho’s mosquito nets do not have gaps between the mosquito net and the frame like other mosquito nets that have small gaps;therefore, they cannot be 100% protected against insects. This includes the use of privacy mosquito nets made of polyester fiber coated with stainless steel. The color of the mosquito net on both sides is different, with the outside being silver when exposed to sunlight. This makes it more difficult to see through from the outside levelling up the sense of privacy. With the black color on the other side of the mosquito net,  it is possible to see the outside scenery from the inside as clearly as if there was no mosquito net.


On this occasion, Nissho Asia Thailand Co., Ltd. has decided to join as one of the options that will make Thai people live comfortably and enhance their level of civilization. We hope that every customer will give us the opportunity to take care of and grow with them.


Meet us at Baanlaesuan fair select 2023
On 18 – 26 March 2023 at 09.30 AM. – 09.00 PM.
At Hall EH99-104 Bitec Bangna
Booth No. : P30


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